Meet the Kanes:


edited1-1749Geoff Kane Geoff Kane comes from a family of photographers. As a young boy, he worked in his Grandparents' camera store on Howard Street in Chicago (see “The History of Kane Photography”) and always had a camera in his hand.

Geoff started shooting professionally at the age of 19.  A wedding photography studio in Arlington Heights, Illinois (Photo by Robert) hired and then trained him to shoot weddings right out of High School. He shot approximately 2 weddings (or events) every weekend.  During that time, he also worked at a catalog photography studio (Nugent Wenkus) shooting pictures for Sears, Neiman Marcus, JC Penny, and Dillard’s catalogs (do they even have catalogs anymore?).  He moved to Arizona in 1995 to go to college at Arizona State University. 

While in Arizona he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from ASU and subsequently got a job teaching photography and digital imaging at Desert Ridge High School. A few years later he received a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Illinois.  


Geoff and Nanette initially founded (the Arizona chapter of) Kane Photography LLC in 1995 as a way of making extra money on the weekends. In 2015, Geoff quit teaching to pursue photography (his true passion) full time, and with 100s of satisfied clients later the rest is history.


Geoff specializes in Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, Events, Corporate Photography, Family Photography, and Portraits.


edited-4932 LTNanette Kane Nanette Kane grew up in California and Virginia and has been shooting pictures her entire life. Like Geoff, she also hails from a photography family. Her father was a professional photographer and her mother was a model, so she was exposed to photography at a very young age.


In 1995, she moved to Arizona to attend ASU where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Geography. They got married, had three beautiful children, and founded the Arizona chapter of Kane Photography LLC.  She has been shooting professionally for over 20 years.


Nanette specializes in Weddings, Portraits, Graduation Pictures, and Family Photography. 


edited1-8605 One LT FEM Med-High Lt sculp MalZack Kane Zackary Kane (the next generation of Kane’s) runs the videography side of the business.  He started shooting wedding videos at the age of 16 and never looked back.  He is a master videographer and video editor and specializes in Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, and Events.  He is currently pursuing his degree in video production at the Sidney Poitier American Film School at Arizona State University.


Kane Photography is truly a family business.