Kane Photography offers many beautiful locations to choose from. Please select the location you like best.  Don't like any of them?  We know some other spots not listed and we are always looking for new locations, so don't hesitate to request somewhere else :)


Location 1: Park with Lake and Wood Bridge

City: Gilbert

Pros: A bridge, lake, colorful flowers, plants, grass, and (usually) ducks make for some beautiful shots. Has sports fields for authentic-looking athletic portraits. A full park and rides for the kids when the shoot is over. Easy to park and all the areas are close together.

Cons: Not a lot of shade.

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Location 2: Desert Park with Lake

City: Gilbert

Pros: Colorful cacti garden, trees, lake, and a colorful desert landscape makes for a beautiful location with multiple diverse background choices. 

Cons: Can get crowded, especially on Saturdays, which can make it difficult to park. Depending on drought conditions the water in the lake can get low.




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Location 3: Modern Architecture

City: Mesa

Pros: This location has a modern vibe complete with glass steps, modern architecture, pretty fountains, a golden waterfall, a grassy area, and some cacti for a desert feel.  It has many background choices. 

Cons: Can get busy during peak hours, so every background may not be available.  


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Location 4: Pistachio Trees and more...

City: Chandler

Pros: Beautiful trees, perfect lighting, multiple background areas combine nature and modern styles. Great whether it is sunny or cloudy.

Cons:  The dirt ground in some areas is not ideal for high heels and can be dusty.



  IMGL4962_edited-1PP LTIMGL4962_edited-1PP LT



Location 5: ASU

City: Tempe

Pros: Great for soon to be graduates or anyone wanting great Arizona iconic backgrounds.  

Cons: Parking is about a block away and may cost a few dollars.

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Location 6: High Country

City: Pinetop, Sedona, Payson, or Show Low

Pros: Beautiful backgrounds make for some of the best backgrounds in the state. Trees, Lakes, Parks, Grass, you name it.  Also, great for snow pictures or to beat the heat in the summertime.

Cons: A bit of a drive and can be a little harder to schedule. May require a travel fee depending on our schedule.

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Location 7: Studio Shots:

Pros: If you come to us we can usually give you a discounted price or we bring the studio to your home or office.  Any time of day or night and/or bad weather are not a problem as the lighting is always perfect. Great in the summer months when it is too hot to shoot outside.

Cons: Large groups cannot all fit in the background at the same time (although we can shoot large groups at a pretty spot in your house or backyard). 

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