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Kane Photography
A family Business since 1945

Need a Family or Group Picture??

Tired of closed eyes, looking away, funny faces, or people not smiling in your family pictures?

At Kane Photography, we will shoot many, many pictures, find the best individual picture of each person you want in the large group picture, and then professionally retouch each individual person's best image into the large group picture to puzzle together the best group picture possible.

Everyone single individual person will look great, so you get the best group picture possible!

At Kane Photos, we will shoot your wedding, corporate event, party, portraits, family, bar/bat mitzvah, quinceañera, maternity pictures, engagement pictures, pets, or whatever else you need better than the competition, professionally retouch them, and then give you the copyrights to all the images at one low price. You own them, so you can share, print, or do whatever you want with your images at NO additional charge.

It is truly Professional Photos at "friends" prices.

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